The Fact About ASTRAL PROJECTION & How To Do It Properly! [5 Easy Steps]

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The Reality About ASTRAL PROJECTION & How To Do It Correctly! [5 Easy Steps]
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#Truth #ASTRAL #PROJECTION #Correctly #Straightforward #Steps
Be taught what astral projection is, the two explanation why we should always use it, and the 5 powerful steps that can assist you astrally challenge simply.
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  1. Hahahahahahaha when you said don’t go astral project to you ex …. Okey I will never do It again and will hold myself accountable for any karma that I have created by doing that!

  2. Ever since I was a small child I have been a master at astral travel and I love that I can just think myself somewhere and I will be there and I can breathe underwater and fly and all that stuff and I have been to the lower levels and seeing Twisted things but I have never been afraid because I know that I have the silver cord and the White Light Within Me! I love to astral travel but sometimes I will go to the neighbors and see everything going on LOL some things I probably shouldn't LOL astral travel is fun

  3. 2 questions plz:
    1. You said that you saw your foot on your jumps? What do you mean? Is there an astral body? Could it be seen? How does it look?

    2. Since astral projection is a proof that we are not our bodies or minds,,, can it help us in our eating habits? Can it stop my attachments to food or even to sex?!!
    Highly appreciated🙏🙏🙏

  4. Isn't remote viewing the same as checking on others though? Wouldn't there be consequences for that too?

  5. Real player one aspect is also a good way to identify your reality, you have control over how you choose to play your reality find the tools that benefit your game. It's your version of the game, don't let someone else's narrative of their story line in their game affect yours, your goggles, your reality. How do you choose to advance your avatar.

  6. Ive been hunching lately that astro projection has to do with traveling the energetic imprint stored in our magnetic field of our planet or our solar system, Akashic records where time and distance has no meaning. Just a thought 🤔🤔🤔

  7. Responsible and comprehensive instruction. Confirmation from another perspective. Thank you for what you do in the world.

  8. Thank you Christina what about Astral travel to heal a loved one is that acceptable?

  9. I have Aphantasia. My minds eye is blind/ I have no visual memory. I can’t “picture” or “imagine” anything. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this

  10. Belief presented as fact is still not fact. One woman has alk the answers? No, she has opinion she is presenting as fact.

  11. In 2015 I astral-projected by pure accident and didn't even know that's what had happened until a couple years ago. It frightened me because I felt restricted and "Pinned Down". I kept trying to roll and wake myself but couldn't move my body. Seconds later I woke up and wondered had just happened to me. I would love to have a much better experience. Thank you so very much Christina for all your wisdom and energy!

  12. This will put a demon inside you, don’t do it. Your soul will be trapped in a spiritual state forever, you will have to watch as the demon manipulates your body in the most gruesome ways. Maybe it’ll make your body kill family members and the blame will be on you.
    Wait until you die to get this experience, it’s too risky otherwise.

  13. I always seem to fall asleep when watching your videos. Not in a bad way of course, but your energy and explanations are so calming I can't resist the urge to close my eyes hahah😆

  14. I recently found out that I’m astral traveling but I’m not trying to. Anyone know how to control it??🤔

  15. Some Silliness for Christina: Whenever you say "Heart Alchemist", I hear "Hard Alchemist", but my association with the word "hard" is a positive one. In school, certain sciences were categorized as the "hard sciences" (like biology, chemistry, physics, etc.), and I loved these. This categorization did not refer to difficulty, but to concreteness — they involved the study of the objective, material ("hard") world, rather than something like psychology or sociology which were seen as more subjective and experiential ("soft").
    Anyway, I think you, Christina, exemplify a beautiful blurring of these boundaries — you interweave practical, factual, material information and guidance with more esoteric, mystical teachings. What a gift! Thank you so much.

  16. When I was going through my spiritual awakening and thought I was going crazy I found you. And you helped a lot. Thank you and much love and light 💚🌞

  17. Ayer hice uno, hera 3 cosas a la vez, una mariposa, nadando en el mar en mi lugar donde ma siento segura y en mi cuerpo físico, una experiencia muy bonita

  18. When I was a kid I do out of the body experience many times, I told to my family about it but they say I just only dreaming, I flew around my neighborhood above the tree line and it’s very exciting, then it’s stopped for decade, I experienced another out of the body when I was in my late 20’s in Tokyo Japan, feeling so tired that day and suddenly I was blown away by the wind out of the door, I was so scared I tried to seek help from my several roommates but they can’t hear me, they said I was growling in sleep. Since I was kid I am highly intuitive (Claircognizance)

  19. I astral travelled my entire childhood, but I didn't know what it was and assumed everyone did this. Therefore I never spoke of it. When I became an adult and discovered it had a name (naming things and conditions tends to block me) ir scared the shit out of me. So it stopped, until I had a miscarriage…I had one then…but knowing what was happening I worried about leaving my existing child behind…at that point I shot back in.
    I have only ever astral travelled spontaneously, and when life was too much.

  20. How vivid/real should it "feel"??? I've vividly left my body before surgery when valium was put to my vein, I remember floating over my body. Am I looking for this?

  21. I don't know if this was Astral projection but one day I was meditating and I began to see things or receive information. I am convinced it was about a past life and was very painful. What do you do with information you don't know how to decipher.?

    I was in low space, lost in life and thought I had all these symptoms. (Other spiritual awakening symptoms and such) And it’s put me into even worse place. Please check out : The Dark World of New Age Gurus |
    Documentary by James Jani..

    Do your own research !! Mental health can mess with us and seek help where it’s not really in our intention.
    If all of this was real, why aren’t we healing people in need poor places ?? It’s just not fair. We’re able to manifest ? But we’re manifesting money and pay partners but not for poor people , the sick and homeless ? Just something to think about. Please seek therapy if you’re in a dark place. Love ❤️

  23. Hi Christina!
    I feel so blessed that I came across your videos. I haven't yet reached the stage of astral travel. But I do a few spiritual practices likemeditation, japa andrecitations on a daily basis. Even if my day was hectic I always feel the urgency to take out the time. THE GREATEST lesson I got to learn from this video is that just like after an astral travel, we do need to give time to our body after any spiritual practice. Actually this is what I miss and feel a lot of DISCOMFORT in my physical body throughout the day. LOOKING FORWARD to preparing myself for an ASTRAL TRAVEL.
    THANKYOU so much for your valuable guidance.

  24. When I was a young teenager, maybe around age 15 or so, one night I spontaneously astral traveled. I had never heard about it beforehand and it was very profound experience. I could hear fast, fast wind whipping by me and I could feel myself high in the air, I could see the cord connected to my physical body. This event caused me to go on a exploration to find what it was that happened to me. This was in the 90s before internet was readily available but in the library at school, I could order books from other libraries. This lead me to a new world of spirituality including the different types of yoga, Wicca, and psychedelics. I came across the publisher Llewelyn that exposed me to new worlds of thinking. It was truly a profound and life changing moment for me at such an important age. I am so grateful for it because it was the main event that lead me to where I am today. Thank you for reminding me of this and thank you for all your wonderful content and guidance.

  25. My awakening was Jan 1 2020 and my life has never been the same. I am so grateful and thankful. Christina you have been my mentor and coach throughout this journey. Thank you so much. 💚

  26. Hello. Nice imformative video. Can you please differentiate astral projection against lucid dreaming? I've been having awareness at nights being awake but unable to move my physical arms. I have the sensation of moving a little like twitching my fingers, but doesn't feel physical at all.

  27. Can anyone advice about the feeling that you feel/sense when is happening? A few times while waking up or during meditation I feel like if my whole body starts to vibrate very fast (but it’s not it’s just a feeling) and then the feeling of something coming out of my chest, then I slowly start floating above me or just sit down while my body is still in bed or I see my bedroom but things are slightly different. Is this making sense?Sometimes I get too excited and it finishes. Is this astral projection or something else? Thanks Christina and this amazing community!

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